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Opening Day
des moines
July 17th

This information is regarding the check-in and Opening Day Activities.  You can find dates, locations, and times for all activities here.

Tentative Itinerary 


Thursday, July 11th -Virtual Coach Meeting  
Opening Day Activities -

Wednesday, July 12

Location: Triumph Park 

700 NW Douglas Pkwy 

Waukee, IA  50263

Team Check-In (all ages) | 12:30PM

Skills Competition & Pin Trading | 12:30PM

Team Picnic | 4-5 PM

Opening Ceremonies & Parade of Teams | 5-6PM

Opening Day Activities

Location - 

Triumph Park

700 NW Douglas Pkwy 

Waukee, IA 50263

Team Skills Competitions

  • Various Competitions designed to be competitive and FUN throughout the day.  Download the Skills Competition Packet to read about all of the contest we will be having.

  • Star Drill/Baserunning Relay/Catcher's Competition/Pitching Velocity/Overhand Velocity/4 Legged Race/Dizzy Bat Race/Dizzy Bat Relay

  • Download forms from menu and complete them prior to arriving at Triumph Park.  You will turn in each form to the field that the contest will be completed on.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

  • Teams will be given a list of items (and rules) or individuals hidden throughout the park that they need to take selfies with.  The contest will be timed, with the fastest team in each age group being named champions.

Cornhole Tournament (Parents & Coaches)

  • We will host a Doubles Cornhole tournament on Wednesday. CLICK HERE to register for this event.  (Registration must be done in advance and may be limited due to time constraints, so please register early if you wish to play).

Other Activities at the Park
We will have many more activities going on during the festivities on Wednesday.  Here are some of them.​​

  • Pin Trading (unofficial activity - no scheduled process, free trade during the day) 

  • Tournament Merchandise on Sale

  • Tournament Gate Passes on Sale

  • Additional Vendors

Player Picnic

We will have food and drinks provided for team members that day.  Details on how this works will be provided at check-in.


Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies will be hosted at the Triumph Park.

Gift Exchange

For gift exchange information please contact


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